About OEM & ODM

Netlogic works with OEM and ODM within the area of home electronics. It means that we can search for and offer almost any kind of product for our customer. We can modify the product according to the customer wishes, whether it is technique, function or design. We handle all adjustments of the product development according to the customers wishes, whether it is design, language, packaging design etc. The product will be produced by the brand of the customer, by license or by any of our own brands. Netlogic handles all the logistics to the requested location after a completed production.

Product Sourcing
Many years of close relations with skilled manufacturers has given us the ability to develop many requested products.

Product Development
We cooperate and develop products to adapt to the request of the customer and the market.

Graphical Design
Presentation material, pictures and packaging are made according to the wishes and the brand profile of the customer.

Instruction manuals and packages are made in the requested language. We cooperate with translation agencies that are specialized on consumer electronics.

We have insight and knowledge in the different areas of the intellectual property laws that are current for different sorts of electronic products.

Directives For Trading
We are updated on the directives of the European market for trading electronic products such as CE / EMC / LVD / ROHS / REACH.

Quality Control
(QC & IQC & OQC )

We perform, with the help from certified companies and our own specially educated staff, quality controls before, during and after production.


We take complete or partly care of the transportation together with well-known logistic partners to any optional destination.
After Sales and Service
You can always contact us for support and after sales service after your products are delivered. We are glad if we can help!