Our Strengths

Known Brands
We have access to thousands of products from well-known brands in our product portfolio.

Our Own Sourcing Office
We have our own sourcing office in China which gives us the following advantages:

• We have experienced and trustworthy staff on location who speaks the language.
• There is always someone who can attend a meeting or a factory visit at short notice.
• Fast product inspection and product development.

Our Partners within Manufacturing
We have cooperated with many well established manufacturers in Asia and Turkey for many years. A long experience in sourcing means strong relations, which gives us a good position when negotiating. Long and good relationship with manufacturers combined with large volumes give us access to tooling with unique design to competitive price.

Good References
We have many years of cooperation with large importers and retailers throughout all of Europe.

Customers Service
Our work is customer-oriented; we work according to the wishes and demands of the customer. We are a small organization, which makes us very fast movers.

Innovation and R & D
We are involved in R & D together with the manufacturers to develop the best products according to the demand of the market and the customer.

Competitive Prices
Long and good relations with the manufacturers and large volumes gives us the ability to maintain competitive prices.

Good Credit Worthiness

Netlogic has been credit rated “AAA” for several years by Dun and Bradstreet.

International Support
Our own sourcing office in China provides skilled and trustworthy staff on location that speaks the languages and can visit suppliers at short notice.

Ethics and Moral
We do not sell directly to the end consumer and therefore we do not stand in conflict of interest with our customers. We have a strict ”Code of Conduct” with our manufacturers concerning eg. child labour and controlled working hours.

Licenses and Directives
We know the requirements for licenses and directives, and can therefore offer our customers the best advice.